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Charcoal Briquette


These charcoal briquettes are used for assistance in burning loose smudge herbs. Place briquettes in fire safe dish and sprinkle herbs adjacent to briquette to aid in lighting.

Each package contains 10 charcoal briquettes.

Never leave charcoal unattended while in use. Never handle lit charcoal with your bare hands even if there is no visible glow – always use tongs or fire-safe utensil. Always keep lit or unlit charcoal away from children. Always handle charcoal with care. Always extinguish charcoal in water and dispose of in a receptacle free from flammable items.


Place charcoal briquette in a fire-safe bowl. Sprinkle your loose smudge in the dish adjacent to the briquette and light the briquette using a lighter. This will help to light the rest of the smudges herbs.

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