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Moona Veda

True Beauty Begins from Within

After 10 years leading in the Ghee space, this transition feels exciting and aligned with what all of you have been asking for!  While the ghee and food line will continue to grow under the Farmtrue name, we will be transitioning all of our self-care products over to the Moona Veda brand, while still keeping the same nourishing, organic Ayurvedic-based formulas. We value your trust in Farmtrue for our commitment to using ethically sourced, organic, and therapeutic grade ingredients. 

This new sister brand and space will allow us to bring to life a customizable Ayurvedic remedy line, expanded educational offerings, and hands-on workshops.  Those who are on a healing path and are looking for a deeper understanding of Ayurveda will be supported within this new Moona community.

The first round of products to transition over to the Moona Veda brand will be our Ayurvedic Face Care line.  If you’ve been using these healing products, rest assured that even though the labels look different, the formulas are the same and will now include even more formulations that uphold the purity and quality that you have come to appreciate with Farmtrue.  We will continue to use the healing power of Ayurveda in our formulas by honoring the celestial and earthly seasons while considering the Doshas and lunar phases. Moona Veda will be your source for whole body Ayurvedic wellness that begins from within and allows your true beauty to shine.

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