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Moona Veda

Ayurvedic Skin Care | Reimagined by Farmtrue

Same Farmtrue Formulas with a new name!

Farmtrue is very excited to announce our new sister brand, Moona Veda.  At Farmtrue, our unwavering commitment is to be more connected - to ourselves, each other, and nature.  By honoring the true you, we modernize self-care for optimal sleep, digestion, and energy; the three governing pillars of health.  It’s a sincere conviction rooted in the Ancient philosophy of Ayurveda that will continue with Moona Veda.  While the ghee and food line will continue to grow under the Farmtrue name, we will be transitioning all of our self-care products over to the Moona Veda brand still keeping the same nourishing, organic Ayurvedic-based formulas.  This new name and space will allow us to grow our product lines, educational offerings, and community as we continue on our journey to eat, live, an act with more care. 

Moona Veda | True Beauty Begins from Within

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