Nasya Oil – Ayurvedic Nasal Therapy - Farmtrue
Nasya Oil – Ayurvedic Nasal Therapy - Farmtrue
Nasya Oil – Ayurvedic Nasal Therapy - Farmtrue
Nasya Oil – Ayurvedic Nasal Therapy - Farmtrue

Nasya Oil – Ayurvedic Nasal Therapy

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Ayurvedic Nasal Oil: This herb-infused nasal oil is used to nourish the nasal passages after travel, neti pot use, and to support seasonal allergies and sinus discomfort. In Ayurveda, the nose is seen as the direct path to your mind, consciousness, and brain. By ensuring your nasal passages are clean, nourished, and moisturized, prana (life force) is able to freely flow through your body and mind so that health and peace are priorities. Nasya Oil is a herb-infused nasal oil for your sinuses. It is used to nourish the nasal passages during travel, after neti pot use, and to support seasonal allergies and sinus discomfort. Visit our blog for more information on the benefits of using Nasya Oil and some helpful hints on the application.
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How to Use Nasya Oil

Incorporating Nasya Oil into your daily routine is a simple yet powerful way to enhance your overall well-being. Begin by tilting your head slightly backward and placing 2-3 drops of Nasya Oil into each nostril. Gently inhale to allow the nourishing herbal blend to penetrate your nasal passages. You can use it as often as needed, especially during dry, cold weather or when traveling by air to relieve dryness and maintain mental clarity. Many find it beneficial before bedtime or yoga practice, embracing its grounding qualities. With Farmtrue's Nasya Oil, you can effortlessly integrate this Ayurvedic practice into your life, promoting balance and vitality with every use.

When / Why

When to Use Nasya Oil

Nasya Oil serves as a versatile companion in your wellness journey, offering support in various situations. When embarking on a journey, particularly by air, it becomes your trusted ally in relieving dryness and irritation, ensuring you arrive refreshed. During the chilly winter months, Nasya Oil steps in to hydrate and nourish your nasal passages, safeguarding your clarity of mind. If seasonal allergies or sinus discomfort plague you, it provides soothing relief. Many also incorporate it into their pre-sleep or yoga routine, embracing its blend of grounding herbs, like Brahmi, to foster relaxation and tranquility. With Farmtrue's Nasya Oil, you have a holistic remedy ready for every moment when you seek balance and well-being.

Why you should use Nasya Oil

Nasya Oil offers a multitude of benefits, making it an indispensable addition to your wellness regimen. First and foremost, it helps counterbalance vata dryness, nurturing your nasal passages and supporting overall health. Furthermore, the inclusion of Brahmi and Calamus enhances brain function, memory, and mental clarity. Organic grass-fed ghee provides deep skin hydration, enabling the herbs to penetrate effectively. Lastly, Nasya Oil is your ally against sinus discomfort and congestion, making it invaluable during seasonal allergies or the cold, dry winter months. Farmtrue's Nasya Oil encompasses the wisdom of Ayurveda, delivering holistic well-being with every use.


Farmtrue Organic Grass-fed Ghee, Sesamum Indicum (Sesame Oil), Bacopa Monnieri (Brahmi), Rosa Centifolia (Rose), Acorus Calamus (Calamus), Salvia Sclarea (Clary Sage), Rosemary

Why Choose Farmtrue’s Nasya Oil?

  • Nourish and moisturize your nasal passages

  • Helps reduce inflammation in the nasal passages

  • Supports improved brain function and mental acuity

  • Supports Responsible, Humane Farming

  • Committed To Eco-Friendly Practices

  • Formulated and hand-crafted by Ayurvedic Experts