Kitchari – Cooling Herb - Farmtrue
Kitchari – Cooling Herb - Farmtrue
Kitchari – Cooling Herb - Farmtrue
Kitchari – Cooling Herb - Farmtrue
Kitchari – Cooling Herb - Farmtrue

Kitchari – Cooling Herb

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Kitchari is a nourishing comfort food made of easily digestible split mung beans, long grain white rice, and anti-inflammatory spices that assist in cleansing the digestive system and building immunity. Our blend of cooling spices adds incredible flavor to this satisfying dish that is great for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
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How to Use Kitchari:

Using Farmtrue's Kitchari is a simple and versatile addition to your daily routine. To prepare, add ghee to your pot and saute the included spices until just fragrant. Combine the Kitchari blend with water in a pot and bring it to a gentle simmer. Allow it to cook until the grains and beans are tender and the spices have infused their flavors. If you’d prefer a thicker mixture, use less water. 

You can enjoy Kitchari as a hearty and nourishing meal for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. For a delightful twist, add seasonal vegetables of your choice, such as carrots, turnips, or mushrooms during colder months, or cooling options like asparagus and cilantro when the weather is warmer. Add a twist to to the dish for breakfast by adding sautéed apples, a tablespoon of the Golden Milk Latte mix, Warming Chai Spice Blend, dates, pears, or raisins. To enhance its therapeutic benefits, consider stirring in a spoonful of any flavor of Farmtrue's ghee, a vital component in Ayurvedic cleansing, after cooking.

When / Why

When to use Kitchari

Kitchari is a versatile and nurturing companion for various moments in life. It's especially valuable when you feel the need for a digestive reset, experiencing gastrointestinal discomfort, or seeking to promote balanced digestion. Additionally, Kitchari is a go-to choice during times of stress, seasonal transitions, or when you're feeling under the weather, as it provides your body with the opportunity to focus on detoxifying and healing. Whether it's a chilly winter evening or a warm summer day, Kitchari can be enjoyed year-round, adapting to your body's changing needs.

Why you should use Kitchari

Kitchari promotes balanced digestion through a harmonious blend of mung beans and carefully selected spices, making it a valuable ally for maintaining overall well-being. With deep roots in Ayurvedic tradition, Kitchari carries the wisdom of centuries, offering time-tested health benefits. Its versatility shines as you can savor it at any mealtime, making it a convenient and adaptable staple. Kitchari is also an immune-boosting powerhouse, thanks to ingredients like turmeric, which helps fortify your body's defenses. Furthermore, it aids in detoxification, emotional wellness, and is suitable for individuals of all body types.


Traditional Kitchari: 

Split yellow mung dal*, long grain white rice*, brown mustard seeds*, cumin seed*, turmeric*, coriander seeds*, fennel seeds*, parsley*, cilantro*, peppercorns*, fenugreek powder*, cinnamon*, cardamon*, cayenne pepper*. 

*organic ingredient

Cooling Herb Kitchari:

Split yellow mung dal*, long-grain white rice*, parsley*, cilantro*, dill*, coriander*, chives*, fennel*, Himalayan pink salt*.

 *organic ingredient

Why Choose Farmtrue’s Kitchari?

  • Everything you need in one bag! A complete one-pot meal with ease preparation

  • Crafted using only the highest-quality, organic ingredients

  • Includes Farmtrue’s signature spice blends formulated to not only support your digestion, but enhance flavor

  • Helps reduce inflammation in the body

  • Hand-Crafted According To Ancient Ayurvedic Practices