Yoga Pose Cards

The Myga Yoga Pose Cards are designed to help you create a truly personalised yoga routine. They will help you practice yoga mindfully and at your own pace; lay the cards of your choice down next to your mat and follow along the sequence of your choice.

They are divided into three different asana (pose) categories: standing poses, seated poses, and lying down poses. The poses are easily differentiated with the three distinct colours:
- Green: Standing Poses
- Blue: Seated Poses
- Pink: Lying Down

- 70 Yoga Pose Cards
- Each card contains a yoga pose illustration, and the name of the pose.
- The deck features a range of body sizes, hair types & skin colours, and makes a great inclusive tool which can be used with children.
- Great for travel, pop them into your bag & head outdoors to mix up your yoga practice!
- Presented in a beautiful eco-friendly box, great for gifting.

Card Dimensions: L: 17.5cm x W: 12cm
Paper Weight: 500gsm
Finish: Wipe Clean

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