Moromi Sauce - Chili


This Chili Moromi Sauce was created when Moromi's co-founder, Executive Chef James Wayman, asked “What would happen if we added chili peppers to our shoyu ferments?”. Well, the results are in and it’s delicious!

Chili moromi is packed with umami flavor that develops during the long, slow fermentation of soy and wheat koji with locally grown and harvested cayenne peppers. Their thick, rich Chili Moromi sauce starts off with a pleasant tang and then combines layers of savory umami with that slow, low heat of cayenne pepper for a satisfying and balanced seasoning. Try on grilled veggies, use as a dip, a marinade, or to enhance your braised or sautéed dishes. It’s an amazing sauce that will find its way into many applications.  

Packaged in 5.1 fl oz glass bottles with a convenient pull-tab flip top closure



Soybeans, Wheat, Water, Salt, Cayenne Peppers, Koji


Based on the Connecticut coast, Moromi produces small-batch soy sauce, miso, hot sauce, and specialty fermented condiments. Our goal is to develop unique and flavorful ingredients that help home and professional cooks create distinctive meals. Each batch is handcrafted following traditional fermentation techniques to bring out deep, complex flavors.  To learn more about Moromi, please visit their website at

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